Form types  

We offer two form versions to send to our law practice in order to issue a court order via internet:

Form entry without password

Completion of a form enabling us to issue a court order to claim your payment.

We recommend this form version if you plan to enable us to issue one court order only in the foreseeable future, or if you wish to test the form for a court order application.

Form entry with password
If you have a password and a user name the information about you or your company necessary for the court order will be saved. This helps you avoid completing the information again if you wish to apply for another court order. We can identify you easily with your user name and password.

We recommend using a user name and a password if you wish us to issue more than one court order via internet in the future.

One debtor – one court order More than one debtor – more than one court order
:Please click here if you require one court order only:


Please click here if you require more than one court order using only one form against more than one debtor:

Please note the conditions needed to use this function:

WB01069_.gif (302 Byte)

Apply for a password

If you still require a password, use this function to apply for one. After sending your password request, your personal password will be automatically chosen and sent to you by email. With this password you can then use the ”form entry with password“ version.

First, please indicate who the password is for:

a private person
a self employed person or freelancer (physician, engineer, consultant etc.)
a sole proprietorship
a business association based on civil law  
a limited company, stock corporation, partnership, limited partnership or limited commercial partnership
for GmbH & Co. KG, AG & Co. KG or OHG & Co. KG


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